What is m40fit?
m40fit is a fitness facility specifically designed to improve the quality of life for the more mature exerciser. We incorporate the following essential components which contribute to living a high quality life:

•    Achievable exercise and movement
•    Weight management advice
•    Professional support and encouragement

•    Friendships and social connections

Why is m40fit here?
m40fit is here to provide a service to fill the gaps in health, fitness and wellbeing for those the most ‘at risk’ in our community with a comfortable and non-intimidating environment.


Who is m40fit for?
m40fit is for people who want to enjoy life. If you are experienced, inexperienced, singles, couples, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents you are welcome to come and enjoy the m40fit experience.


What is the difference?
m40fit is a local family owned fitness facility committed to nurturing those in the community that are looking to improve and maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing. It is more than just a gym or a club, it's a home.

m40fit Fitness Facility Highlights

•    Achievable exercise

•    Weight management advice
•    Social connectivity
•    Professional support
•    Exclusive experience
•    Specialised programs
•    Enjoyable conversations
•    Pleasant ambience
•    Comfortable atmosphere
•    Effective results                    
•    Time efficient
•    Functional classes
•    Flexible and accommodating
•    Well equipped with safe and easy to use equipment  
•    Fully qualified and experienced staff  



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